What is Maine Boffer Games?

PortConMaine, Maine’s Geek Culture Celebration, proudly presents: Maine Boffer Games! Maine Boffer Games is a weekend long event that is basically a field day of games– boffer style! For anyone eighteen years or older, the event  includes: camping, story telling, boffer games- arena, individual, and group games, LARP events, and more! We’ll have local organization demos and games, camp fires, laser tag (new for 2014!), and nerf battles. Join us for an camping weekend long boffer extravaganza sure to entertain all involved.

DATES FOR 2014: AUGUST 15-17th (Friday through Sunday!)

Still only $10 pre-reg or $15 at the gate! A great deal for those looking to spend a weekend camping, playing games, and hanging out!

Pre-Register by August 1st Here!

Recent Updates/News:
  • 5/16/14: NEW FOR 2014! Join us Saturday from 7-9pm for some laser tag! Trigger Combat Sports: Trigger Combat Sports is a mobile LASER TAG operation. Mind you, it’s not just any old laser tag. Our gaming guns are state-of-the-art, having the look and feel of realistic guns: working red-dot scope, simulated muzzle flash, reloading ammo, and respawning to name a few! They are, however, harmless, using infrared light (think TV remote) instead of actual lasers.At Maine Boffer Games, you will be able to experience Trigger Combat Sports for $5 for unlimited play. We will be at the grounds on Saturday, August 16th from 7pm to 9pm.When not at the MBG, Trigger Combat Sports can come to you! With our gaming guns and inflatable barriers, we can set up games anywhere, indoors or outdoors, daytime or night, summer or winter. Trigger Combat Sports is ideal for: birthday parties, bachelor(rette) parties, family reunions, school functions, youth groups, friendly get-togethers, fundraisers, corporate functions and other special events. That is the basis for Trigger Combat Sports: fast paced, team based, mobile laser tag. Fun for all and like nothing you’ve ever experienced!Why play video games when you can LIVE them!?!
  • 4/14/14: Join us Saturday as we host our first ever Nerf Wars! We’ll set aside our boffer for a few hours of Nerf fun- with any and all weapons of the Nerf variety welcomed! Also on Saturday we’ll be hosting our second potluck! Bring food to share and try some of the awesome things others have made.
  • 2/5/14: Paypal pre-registration payment button added. Additional pre-registration info can be found here.
  • 8/22/13: Website edited. Date will be coming soon!
  • 8/20/13: New website up! Content to be edited shortly. :)
  • 8/19/13: Photos are online!
    2013 Tournament winner Dexter!
  • 8/18/13: Congratulations to Dexter Woodbury for winning the Champion Tournament this year! Photo coming soon. Check out this video he took of the tournament…!!